Let's add SPDIF-interface to AudioPCI (only ES1370 chip)

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7th May 2001 separate English page


This page describes about a modification of ES1370 based sound card for support of Optical Digital I/O. I modified my sound card in Summer 1998.

I made a recording software for modified AudioPCI !!

I looked for free sound recording software. but I could not find a favorite...
For that reason, I made a recording software that customized for AudioPCI's mpeg input.

This software can record for long time, and to separate file according to silent parts. If you want to use this software, use this (AudioPciRecE.exe 29,696bytes). This program runs under Windows9x. cannot run under NT.  

option explanation example
-i  I/O address for AudioPCI (default 0xe000) -ie000
-w set destination folder -wc:\tmp
-f select format of input signal (default I2S) 
-fsony Sony format 
-fi2s I2S format
command line don't care order of options. 
don't separate a option by space. 
(right)-if000 -wc:\ 
(wrong)-i f000 -w c:\ 
number of files please don't make over 1,000 files in same folder.
I/O access This software accesses I/O address 0xe000(default) at first. 
Therefore, if you don't use AudioPCI, attend to this issue. or PC maybe hang-up.

EXAMPLE (photographs)

digital output signal from DAC

the board that I has made


Circuit Diagram


Links for AudioPCI modification

TITLE LANG Document URL Comment
neko's room English http://www.hi-ho.ne.jp/~yanome/us/ He is the first. (input only)
neko's room (NEKO NO HEYA) Japanese http://www.hi-ho.ne.jp/~yanome/ Japanese page (both input and output)
UYO's ROOM Japanese http://plaza17.mbn.or.jp/~uyo/ explanation for input circuit using CS8412 (many photographs)
macky's page Japanese http://member.nifty.ne.jp/-macky-/audiopci/index.htm using CS8402(for output) and CS8412(for input)
S/PDIF for AudioPCI English http://www.uta.fi/~helin/audiopci.html using CS8412 and Debug command.
Ensoniq English http://www.ensoniq.com/ manufacture of AudioPCI chip (can find  data sheet of ES1370)
Asahikasei Semiconductor English http://www.akm.com/Text/pdflist.html can get AK4531's data sheet. (AK4531 is ADC/DAC codec chip)